Joshua Johnson

Mobile + Backend Developer

"Try to learn something about everything and everything about something."  -Thomas Huxley

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Front-End Skills

  • CSS/CSS3
  • Javascript
  • jQuery/jQueryUI
  • Bootstrap

Back-End Skills

  • Python/C#
  • Django/CherryPy/Flask
  • Django Rest Framework
  • Celery
  • Jinja2/Mako
  • Redis/MySQL/PostegreSQL

Mobile Skills

  • Android Development
  • Android M Compliant
  • 3rd Party Libraries: EventBus | Retrofit
  • iOS Development (Swift)
  • Light ObjC Experience

Misc. Skills

  • ElasticSearch / Kibana
  • AWS / Git / FluentD
  • Varnish
  • NOSQL (MongoDB/Redis)
  • Linux Server Administration
  • Mezzanine/Wordpress/Drupal

2017 Project Portfolio - last year in code

Burger: An App For Giant Bomb

A beautiful fan app

iOS | Swift

Get it on the App Store

Microcontroller Projects

Personal Projects with electronics and iOT devices

Arduino | C

Learn More

GoRanked Backend / API

API for a hybrid social networking platform

Python | Django | Celery | PostgreSQL

Closed Source

D&D Timed-Event Manager

A Roll20 timed event script for my D&D Campaign


Learn More

Game Title Fuzzy Matcher

A microservice that will allows for finding game titles in blobs of text.s


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2016 Project Portfolio

Vizio Smartcast

    A New Way to experience Television    

iOS | Swift

Get it on the App Store

FGC Companion

iOS Companion for the Fighting-Game Community

iOS | Swift

Get it on the App Store

FGC Companion

Android Companion for the Fighting-Game Community

Android | Java

Get it on Google Play

2015 Project Portfolio


Flask server that allows for easy cleanup of junk files on a NAS.

Python | Flask| Jinja2

Learn More

.Net Twitch

Windows Twitch Browsing client written in .net

.Net | API

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Sports Project

Backend development for app to be consumed by mobile front-end

Python | Django | Redis | Celery | PostgreSQL

Closed Source

2014 Project Portfolio


Web Application that examines news networks reporting habits.

Python | Django | Redis | Celery | Nltk

Learn More


A Twitch Web-Portal for Fighting Game aficionados

Python | CherryPy | API | Jinja2 | MySQL

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Website for construction client with custom quote system

Python | Django | Bootstrap-Admin | XLWT

Learn More


Web Daemon for downloading http files

Python | CherryPy | Jinja2

Learn More


App. for unreleased retail product

Python | Django | DjangoREST | Mezzanine | Cartridge | PostgreSQL | SOAP

Closed Source


Cherrypy Personal Photoblog built for family

Python | CherryPy | Mako | Pillow | MySQL

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Skills in the pipeline:

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Elixir

Interests - let's talk free time!
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